Welcome Our New Board for the 2017-18 year!

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From left to right: Tom Dalton (Board Member) Caroline Lynch (Board Member) Patrick Mackie (Board Member) Paul Braterman (Science Advisor) Spencer Fildes (Board Member) Malcolm McQueen (Vice Chair) Laureen Gilmour (Treasurer) Charlie Lynch (Secretary) Megan Crawford (Chair).


Following our Annual General Meeting last night we have a new board! In our fifth year, the campaign for increased secularism in Scottish society continues. The Scottish Secular Society provides a strong secular voice, advocating a more cohesive, rational and equal society- in which both freedom of and freedom from religion are respected.

We’d like to thank two board members who have reluctantly stood down due to pressing life commitments; Douglas McLellan, former Vice Chair, and Steffy Heggarty, our former Interfaith Officer. They’ve contributed immensely to the Society and we wish them the best, and hope that they will be back with us in the not too distant future.


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