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Caroline Lynch interviews for the evening news

Caroline Lynch interviews for the evening news


The Scottish Secular Society formed as a campaign organisation in 2013, by a group of local parents. We have grown from that small gathering to a Scotland-wide, national society that lobbies on issues of religion and the state in Scotland. Today we work closely with a number of local, national, and EU organisations to support human rights, education, and continue to be a strong and prolific voice for the people.




Delegates meeting with the Humanist Assoc. of Ireland in Dublin


We are a non-profit, independent organisation, run by a team of passionate volunteers, with an international membership. Entering our 5th year, we aim to finalise our charity status in Scotland in order to bring greater and more robust support to our community. This is a new turn for the SSS! We are investing in Scotland’s future and we hope you’ll join us as we move forward.







Society aims: –

– To help create a fully secular Scottish education system.

– Protect and uphold equality and human rights policies and practices.

– Support parents and children through their academic years.

– Work closely with Scottish schools to bring secular education into the classroom.

– Remove religious privilege and instil equal footing for all beliefs and non-beliefs in public and policy matters.

– Support those in need wherever possible.


Affiliated Organisations: –

International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU)
International Association of Free Thought (IAFT)

Our Friendly Neighbours: –

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Humanist Society Scotland

Northern Ireland
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National Secular Scotland
British Muslims for Secular Democracy

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