Scottish Secularism

Religion and religious beliefs pose issues facing everyone around the world. Some issues are local, and some are regional, national or world wide. Our world faces continued threats from extremist movements looking to establish their own versions of law, with all the consequences entailed. Unchecked and unchallenged, extremist politics will find their footing for position and power. The Scottish Secular Society exists to ensure a fair system of checks and balances exists in Scotland, for all Scotsman, for all citizens.


In the UK, and in Scotland in particular, Christianity is diminishing in numbers while its congregations are increasing in age, so churches push ever harder to try to gain access to the younger generations. Their biggest efforts are towards our children in schools, away from parental oversight, and to teach them that their very souls depend on following church doctrines. Extreme versions of Christianity also exist, and creationism’s tendrils often try to gain purchase on young minds. Individuals claim the right to discriminate against others for their sexuality or lifestyles, and some would restrict what healthcare is available to women based on their interpretation of their Holy books.


Religious exemptions from Scottish Laws remain in place, and affect all of us. Both individuals trying to follow their faith, and individuals trying to be free from faith, can suffer at the hands of these exemptions. In truth, such religious exemptions should never exist. Behind the scenes, religious lobbyists have preferential access to the corridors of power, and sit on committees deciding what your children may learn in school. As a national organisation, we work tirelessly to counter these powerful lobbyists, and change our laws to reflect the desires of our ever-secularising community.