Press Release: The SSS welcomes Norther Ireland’s referendum on the 8th Amendment

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In light of the recent news regarding the overdue referendum on Ireland’s near total ban on abortion – the “8th Amendment” – the Scottish Secular Society voice our support for its repeal, and stand in solidarity with groups such as AIMS, The Humanist Association of Ireland and the Irish Family Planning Association.

This referendum is the result of a long-fought campaign to repeal the 1983 decision on the basis of human rights, individual choice, and equal treatment for the women of Ireland. As the Secretary of AIMS, Emily McElarney, stated, it is not a choice between “pro-life” and “pro-choice” but a woman’s right to be equal under the law. The 8th Amendment affects everyone, whether directly or indirectly.

Tom Dalton, SSS board member, states:

“The opposing commentary, often from religious voices, also attempts to frame the debate on a ‘neutralised’ language of law and rights; to argue that both the foetus and the mother have equal rights. However, the judicial construal obscures the historical and current religiously reactionary underpinnings; a vestige from the imaginings of the PLAC (Pro-Life Amendment Campaign), where everything from contraception to homosexuality was part of a conspiracy to undermine the fabric of Irish society.”

Megan Crawford, SSS chair, states:

“The 8th Amendment does not reflect the best for Irish society, takes away women’s bodily autonomy, and invalidates their personal rights afforded to them as members of the EU. The Scottish Secular Society supports the coming endeavour, and the groups and individuals engaged to repeal this unconscionable law.”

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