The Scottish Secular Society welcomes the latest decision by Church of Scotland

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The Scottish Secular Society welcomes the recent decision from the Church of Scotland which recognises and accepts same-sex marriage and civil partnerships of their ministers and deacons.

The Scottish Secular Society (SSS) welcomes the latest decision by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland which now recognises and allows the same-sex marriages and civil partnerships of its ministers and deacons. In an historic decision long in the making, members voted 339-215 in support of the decision. The decision specifically allows their congregations to appoint a minister or a deacon in a same-sex marriage or a civil partnership.
Charlie Lynch, Secretary of the SSS, said, “We are encouraged to see the Kirk bring its treatment of its personnel and recognition of their partners, along with the will of their congregation, into line with contemporary norms. This is a recognition of a more diverse, accepting and liberal Scotland.”

The Church of Scotland has taken an important step forward in joining ranks with their local counterparts who have long recognised and celebrated same-sex marriages: The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), the Unitarian Church, Metropolitan Community Church, and the Baptist Union of Great Britain. In light of the recent partnership with the Church of England, and given the Right Rev. Dr. Peter Forster’s own admission that the two Churches “have more in common, in our common tasks in mission, than we might have been led to suppose,” we can only hope to see this widening of the Kirk’s acceptance adopted by their partners to the south.

“We are very happy to hear the latest decision from the Church of Scotland and encourage them to continue
their forward progression and extend their acceptance of the love shared between members of its leaders to
members of its congregation as well,” shared Megan Crawford, Chair of the SSS.

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