Response to Scottish Parliament’s action against homophobia

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The Scottish Secular Society today welcomed a pledge of swift action against homophobia in Scottish schools by party leaders in the Scottish Parliament in the wake of the horrific events in Orlando, Florida.

Thankfully much progress has been made in recent years towards tackling the blight of homophobia in Scottish society. However, as highlighted so eloquently by the TIE Campaign, Scotland’s education system has by and large failed to reflect this progress. It is clear that tackling negative attitudes and providing a safe and supportive environment in schools for LBGTI young people must be a priority for the Scottish Government. The TIE Campaign have pointed out that allowing educational institutions to ignore the LGBTI community or fail to teach about relevant issues ostracizes LGBTI pupils.


Charlie Lynch, Secretary of the SSS said, “It is particularly bizarre that the Scottish Government have previously refused to allocate funding for the TIE Campaign’s very reasonable request that one teacher per school be given training to provide support and information when necessary to LGBTI pupils. Many members of the electorate will doubtless be shocked that this is not already the case.”


Lynch added, “This is a secular issue. The influence of religious cultures and ideologies within the Scottish education system has in effect been given priority over the wellbeing and safety of LGBTI pupils. The Secular Society calls upon the First Minister to ensure that her party’s commitment to LGBTI inclusive education – as overwhelmingly  endorsed by its membership- delivers concrete results.”


The Scottish Secular Society is one of Scotland’s most prominent secular organisations and campaigns for freedom from, as well as freedom of religion, and acceptance.

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