Statement from the Scottish Secular Society

Posted by on 5 May, 2017 | 0 comments

We find ourselves, yet again, looking into the fearful aftermath of another public attack. Words may seem a small gesture in this time, but words are the best tool we have to reach out to each other, across borders and across the seas.

As a secular society, we were unsure whether to make a public statement on yet another attacker who’s personal motivations escape us, unlike the death and life-long damage he has caused. However, we felt that this is not the time to stay quiet. This is precisely the time to speak out. Not only against the Manchester attacker, but against all in whose footsteps he followed. And to speak out to support all of us against terrorism.

We are here to support our neighbours, family and friends through this horrible attack, through the rebuilding of our lives together, towards a future that continues to be better than before. We continue to aspire towards the embodiment of compassion, equality, and support, and to help our shared societies down the same path.

The Manchester Evening News has begun collecting donations to help support the families in the aftermath of the attack. You can make a donation here:

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