Equality and Human Rights Commission – Stakeholder Dinner

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I was privileged to represent the Scottish Secular Society at a recent dinner for stakeholders hosted in Edinburgh by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission Scotland.



Our presence there with representatives of many other organisations active within Civic Scotland was a positive reflection of the sterling efforts that Megan Crawford and others have made over the past two years to establish the SSS as a legitimate and recognised body which can constructively contribute to debates which are shaping a more human rights based and egalitarian nation.

During the dinner I took part in a dialogue with leading members of organisations such as BBC Alba and Citizens Advice Scotland, as well as with leading members of the Commission. I found that the message of Secularism –particularly the moderate version of which as understood and practiced by the SSS- found a receptive audience among representatives of Civic Scotland. At the close of the dinner, speeches by leading personalities in the EHRC who reflected on ten years of the commission’s existence and their successes in establishing a culture of greater awareness of human rights in Scotland.

Download a copy of the EHRC Scotland Annual Report 2017.



Charlie Lynch

Secretary, Scottish Secular Society

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