Secularism and Decision Science

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Secularism and Decision Science: How Does One Inform The Other?

Megan Crawford, Chair of the Scottish Secular Society, will offer a brief look at what the field of decision science has to reveal about secularism. Decision science is the study of cognition and behavioural decision making. It encompasses psychology, economics, philosophy, linguistics, and mathematics.

Why is secularism appealing to some, but not others?
Do politicians in secular states make better decisions overall?
What is happening when one shifts from theocratic to secular, or from secular to theocratic?
Can decision science tell us anything, actually, about secular choices?

Megan is a PhD researcher at Strathclyde University, in the department of Strategy & Organisation. Her publications include mapping cognitive heuristics (mental shortcuts) and the biased thinking that arises from such efforts, risky decision making, forecasting, and scenario planning.

As always with our events, wine service and lively discussions included.

Date: 2 March 2017

Time: 19.30 – 21.00

Location: Annie Besant Lodge, 17 Queens Crescent, St. George’s Cross, Glasgow, G4 9BL

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SLIDES: Secularism and Decision Science


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