Blogging Instructions for Members



1) We value all our members’ opinions, so we are happy to include this new feature just for you!

2) Please feel free to post about anything you like regarding secularism, Scotland, or the society.

3) Blog posts may, on occasion, be published on our social media pages.

4) If you already manage your own blog, you are welcome to link your posts here. There is a ‘Press This’ tool available for quick linking.

5) In the toolbar on the right hand side of the editing page, under the ‘Categories’ section, please ensure you tick the box for ‘Members Blog’ to ensure your blog post appears in the Members Blog forum only.

6) You can upload your own pictures/graphics (‘Media’) to include within your blog, as well as to set as your ‘Featured Image’. The ‘Featured Image’ is the image that will appear as the thumbnail for your post on the main MEMBERS BLOG gallery view.

7) Follow this link for further instructions on how to use wordpress for posting blogs- 

8)* DO NOT delete images from the Media database. Deleting existing images will remove them from their associated posts elsewhere in the website. If you think you’ve accidentally deleted an image from the Media database, immediately contact our admin at !

9)* The SSS board reserve the right to withdraw any blogs that violate our constitution, do not uphold our society aims, actively denounce the Secular Charter, or are otherwise grossly offensive or abusive.